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Nearly two decades ago, I established Cistern Media to provide graphic and web design services. The name was intended to show that we provide a cistern, or reservoir, of resources for all of our clients’ needs. However, it seems that many people don’t know what a cistern is, can’t spell it, or regularly misinterpret its meaning. For example, I have received calls from companies looking to install a different kind of cistern in their buildings. Below is an actual phone conversation:

Caller:   Hello, I need to order 50 toilets for our new facility.
Me:        We don’t sell toilets. We’re a design firm.
Caller:   You design toilets?
Me:        No, we provide digital and graphic design services for lots of different clients.
Caller:   Do you know anyone who sells toilets?

It’s Time for a Change

For this reason and others, I have decided to change the Cistern name to Loudmark, which truly conveys the purpose of our company — to provide strong design solutions that are visually powerful, strategic, and measurable; in short, to leave a mark loudly.

I am excited for this new change. What began as a small shop has grown to serve some of the top brands in the world with a trusted team of storytellers, digital experts, strategists, programmers, and graphic design specialists. As part of our rebrand, we are expanding our services to include content creation, marketing, event consulting, SEO/SEM, social media advertising, and app development among other things.

Thank You to Our Amazing Clients

It has been a privilege to serve you and contribute to numerous exciting initiatives. Thank you for your support and business. We want to continue to provide you with excellent value.


Alex Dale

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