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I’m often asked by my clients and colleagues where I get my inspiration for projects. You can usually see a look of excited anticipation in their faces – like I’m about to unveil a profound secret that they can apply in their own lives. I wish I was that guy. You know the guy who seems as if he’s prepared his whole life for that question and drops names and obscure quotes to support every thought on the subject. The guy who eventually shrugs you off as culturally deficient because you don’t get any of the references he makes to independent films. But I digress.

We often find the greatest sources of inspiration through our experiences and connections with other people, things, and places. I find creative inspiration in a number of ways, including: surfing the Internet, viewing work from other artists, people watching, doodling, experiencing textures (i.e., fabrics, paper stock, etc.). Because I spend an abnormal amount of time in front of my computer, I force myself to get away from my office during the day to find moments of stillness and reflection where I can experience my surroundings in rich three dimensional ways. It’s in those moments when I slow my mind down that I’m able to open it to creative possibilities. Zen enough for you?

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